Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro

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PhD candidate, MSc (2017) and LLB (2013), Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo.

Doctoral candidate on constitutional law at the University of Sao Paulo, Faculty of Law. Holds an MSc (constitutional law) and an LLB from University of São Paulo, Faculty of Law.


He is currently a visiting fellow at the Information Society Project (Yale Law School), and head of research, freedom of expression, at InternetLab.

Previously, he practiced law in Brazil advising national and international clients on data protection, technology and intellectual property. He was also a law clerk for an appellate judge sitting at the São Paulo Court of Justice.

His doctoral research focuses on privacy and encryption. He is also working on projects on anonymity on the internet, content moderation and other free speech issues in Brazil.


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Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro

Online anonymity in Brazil: identification and the dignity in wearing a mask Masters Thesis

Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017.


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Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro

Liberdade de profissão e economia de compartilhamento: desafios do trabalho na multidão Book Chapter

In: Zanatta, Rafael A. F.; de Paula, Pedro C. B.; Kira, Beatriz (Ed.): pp. 217-236, Juruá, Curitiba, 2017, ISBN: 978-85-362-7389-1.

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Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro

Um horizonte mais amplo para o direito à saúde: a ação governamental em escala e processo admnistrativo para formulação de protocolos clínicos Book Chapter

In: Bucci, Maria Paula Dallari; Duarte, Clarice Seixas (Ed.): Judicialização da saúde: a visão do poder executivo, pp. 486-519, Saraiva, São Paulo, 2017, ISBN: 978-85-472-1127-1.